Billy No Mates

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 26, 2013


A thirsty man will do anything


Jesus Christ, I thought

opening the fridge to find we’re

all out of beer


she yelled holding out a

sticky bottle of rum

she’d found buried

in the back of the cabinet

I disregarded it

I walked over to the window

and looked out

there is a little dive bar that

stays open late across the street

beer is cheap there

and the age-old barflies are friendly

I saw a drunken bum heading for the bar

with a thirsty look

and decided that’s my next move

“I think i’m goin’ over for a beer!”

I said

“my god”

she said aloud


and proceeded to tell me that

I was drunk

I went in

ordered a beer

and tried paying with beer bottle caps

“shit, I guess your right”

I said

I sat down

she reached back into the cabinet

grabbed a couple of glasses

and the bottle of rum

“fuck the glasses for the night!”

I told her

“we will drink it straight from the bottle”


she said passing me the bottle

“go ahead, drink it”

I did

the entire bottle in one swig



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