Casey Renee Kiser

by Arthur Graham on February 8, 2018

“The Crystal Garden” represents a place in my mind where I go and I don’t care about what anyone thinks of me, I can just be me. It does represent Death, of course, but death of identity. “Snail Vixen” is about being aware, rising above being a victim and taking control.  I dare you to fuck with little Sue Swirly the snail. She’s coming out of the garden to kick ass and chew bubble gum. 

And she’s all out of bubble gum.


Snail Vixen

I rise 
from this game show garden
Only cheaters get watered here
I seem to be the only thing

I have invaded the faeries’
but cannot absorb it—
They can keep that 
The flowers here are fake, 
depending on your brand of sunglasses
All the ‘cool’ fireflies gather
at your third eye, 

I’m slow 
but I’m gangster
I have risen
and I’m getting the fuck outta here
where paper planes fly
and people still nap
under trees




Concept: C. Kiser

Make-up, Styling and Photography: Jasmyn Taylor Givens ©2018

“Snail Vixen and The Crystal Garden” is now available on Etsy and Amazon


Jasmyn Taylor Givens is a make-up artist and well known narwhal whisperer.


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