Catfish McDaris

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by horrorsleazetrash on September 21, 2010

Oh Woof

After visiting the gargoyles
of Montmartre, my lady
decided to shop

I stood outside smoking
a Gitane watching people,
a man approached & asked
if I wanted to screw his sister

I looked around, but saw no
sister, I replied no, he replied
how about my brother, he’s
young & tight, I shook my head

Do you have a dog, I asked
the Frenchie looked appalled
fucking Americans, he said
walking away swiftly

My lady exited the shop,
she said did you make a
new friend, I said almost
dear almost.

Encounter On The #15 Bus

“Did you get on
at North Avenue?”
the lady asked


“Did you notice
if they have a
dog wash?”

“No, sorry”

“My golden lab
needs a bath &
I heard there was
a dog wash there
for $6″


“Surely you saw it?”

“Look lady I didn’t
see a dog wash. In
fact I’ve never even
heard of a fucking
dog wash. I know
where you can get
your pussy washed
for $2 after a thorough
work out. Does that

“You are a nasty man”
I smiled in agreement.

Sweet Or Sour Anyway You Slice Them

The rain was pouring
down in washtubs
the cute chocolate
brown lady I shared
the bus stop with smiled

She looked cold & her
lousy worn out shoes
weren’t keeping her feet
dry or warm

I said, “Your toes must
feel like tiny sucked on
melting candy bars”

“You have a way with
words, too bad I’m not
into white boys”

“It’s alright I’m sure my
wife will appreciate that,
last black woman I was
with said ‘I had a dick
big around as a pickle

“& she sure liked pickles.”

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