Catfish McDaris – Jupiter Orgasma

by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 5, 2013


Hugh Gallagher from Dublin, Ireland – Reviews McDaris new collection bellow.

“Catfish McDaris, the Milwaukee based American writer who for some intriguing reason has become extremely popular in Dublin (my hometown) this surge in McDaris’ visibility began about three years just a few months after his name was being mentioned around the hip parties in London. Who can say why that is? But perhaps that quirky artistic sensibility of the British and their approach to modern music and literature has something to do with the way that McDaris’ over-the-top mode of writing has struck such a note – that resonates like Big Ben through the grey day atmosphere of the British Isles. The Geographical place that spawned Punk and Grunge and the likes of Sex Pistols et al has no trouble with McDaris’ tongue in cheek surrealistic images in a style that is only a touch reminiscent of Bukowski, one of his antecedents, but McDaris is his own man and takes it to another  level, takes it to the limit of sensibility; normality is twisted out of shape like a comic book plays with and bends everyday  visual reality. The Theatre of the Absurd is the stage that he inhabits and moves upon, perhaps as a method of coping with the  absurdity and unreality of everyday experience in an insane world where truth has been disappeared, compassion has been murdered, love has been hijacked by the pornographers, justice is buried in some deep anonymous dungeon, where the ‘war on drugs’ produces 50,000 disappearances and deaths in Mexico each year,  the average people (the salt) are enslaved by warlords and gangsters masquerading as The Government, and the Puppet Masters of big business (legal and illegal) control governments and public institutions.

 McDaris though not British has that great traditional British characteristic of – ‘taking -the-piss’. He takes the piss out of the pretentiousness and absurd sense of self – importance displayed in the public arena in a world gone well and truly mad and blindly going down the gurgler. If the ship is going down one can either scream and piss their pants or else sing a wild native song and laugh at death; and there is nothing more certain than when Death stands before us we have at least two choices, we can try and be manly and accept our end with an ironic smile or we can squeal and scream like a child denied something and who pisses their pants uncontrollably. McDaris’ songs have absolutely nothing to do with everyday sensibilities or appearances, his writing is an authentic wild bizarre laughter in the face of life gone bonkers.   “


Book excerpt ~

Subjected To The Laws Of Gravity And Friction



All he wanted was to fly,

birds, butterflies, mosquitoes,

helicopters, airplanes, bullets,

& ladybugs all could do it


He attached wings to his body,

flapped his arms & jumped

into the air, all to no avail


Becoming angry with earth, he

bore a hole in the ground &

inserted his penis & started

fucking crazily like a sex maniac


The cops came & dragged him

away, beating his bare ass with

a baton, asphalt burning his face


They threw him in a cage,

where he never flew, but

he did learn to pull a train.

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