by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 2, 2012


I took my cat in for distemper
& rabies shots, a man in line
ahead of me had a fluffy white
dog with an ugly inside out asshole,
it looked like man’s BEST friend

An employee bellowed “Tundra,
Tundra” I looked around expecting
to see an animal from a Jack London
novel, an obese lady struggled from
her chair with a rat like Chihuahua

By this time doggie lover is up to the
counter “Do you have any canine
toothpaste, Poop Chute has bad breath?”
“Yes sir, we do” the receptionist replied
“Do you have mint flavored?” “No sir, we
only have poultry & beef flavored”

“Oh gracious, no, that’s entirely unacceptable,
my Poopsie is a vegwetarian” “Do you mean
vegetarian?” “No, if Pooper eats anything
with meat, water starts flowing out of her butt”

Cry-laughing all the way home with Pussy
Fart, I looked in fridge & saw 2 chicken legs,
I took a bottle of Sauza from the freezer
& watched Pablo Escobar’s hippos on TV.

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