Christopher M. Thompson

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 27, 2012

Christopher M. Thompson
author of “Breakfast Anytime”

Nightmare Lullaby

You awaken in a cold sweat,
Sheets soaked with the stench of your fear,
The covers have been tussled and turned,
Pillows adorn the floor like bodies in the aftermath,
There are splinters under your fingernails,
Fresh claw marks mar the stained oak of the headboard,
Worried neighbors wonder about the screams that woke them,
Your lover clutches at the blanket and turns on the lamp, wondering why you awaken with terror in your eyes but a smile upon your face,
They will never know why being scared to death makes you feel so much more alive,
They will never know the beauty of falling sleep in my arms,
Of making love to your inner demons,
Of reaching orgasm at the height of fear,
As I sing to you a nightmare lullaby.

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