Craig Moffatt

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 6, 2012

I grew up in South West Sydney started writing at an early age, ( I have problems with describing my work, so help me out) Moved to Melbourne to study Creative writing at Vic Uni. Have been involved with spoken word events in Sydney, competed in the NSW poetry slam, recited at other spoken word events.

Can’t you just get over it? I can’t

Are you going to get through it?

I’m still here.
Waiting for it to pass.

How long have you been waiting?

33 years
4 months
and today.

The question is can you endure?

Not really.

What has made you get this far?

A picture
of a bird.

Can you describe it?

It is in black and white,
from a time when colour
was reserved for real life.

You don’t think that this bird has

I’ve never seen it anywhere else
so its all black and white.

Do you like to go outside?

only on really cold days


because all the birds that endure the cold
are the black and white ones, and from a
distance they look like the same one in the

Do you draw birds?



because they should be left to observe
without the abstraction of what the
artist perceives. Usually there is colour
where really there are only shades of grey.

Do you see everything in black and white?

Sometimes. But there is something
In the shades of grey

Do you believe in god?

Do you have faith?
In what?

In anything?
I have faith in birds.


They are former versions of us, if you
look at the skeletal structure of their wings
it is the same as our hands.
They can leave any time
if she chooses to

Is this why you write?


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