Craig Moffatt

by Horror Sleaze Trash on June 3, 2011

I grew up in South West Sydney started writing at an early age, ( I have problems with describing my work, so help me out) Moved to Melbourne to study Creative writing at Vic Uni.
Have been involved with spoken word events in Sydney, competed in the NSW poetry slam, recited at other spoken word events.

A burned past.

Walking through my old neighbourhood
I arrive at the house I grew up in,

there are two cars in the driveway
the windows of the house are smashed out

by the fire which is erupting inside.
The curtains are burning with such violence

The front door is bricked in.
smoke is bellowing out of the windows

I see my mother trying to escape the flames
her hair is on fire, her skin black and scolded.

My stepfather just standing there with a gun to his head
continually mocking me with taunts and abuse.

The dog has been hung by its neck in the lounge room
with a tag that says “to Craig, I’m Max”

The front yard is full of dead grass
with children’s bones scattered throughout.

My Stepfather points the gun and has me in his sight
fires hatred into my chest.

In the trees are the hanging corpses of my ancestors
swaying from side to side

and spirits are mourning at their feet crying out to a dead god
to save me, to shelter me

from the burning house on a grave of childhood bones.

The house is the only thing left standing
while everything else has turned to rubble,

the streetlights sag

and the bicycles we rode around on
lay rusted and tormented with age

I turn away and I walk forward
through this desolated street

a familiar unchanged geography
of where I am from

once again I am standing
out the front of the house I grew up in.


A path trailing behind her
I am following

breathing in the desolation
disaster fragmented

all through my hair and mouth
it is the taste of lust

the smell is no different
than decay and heartbreak

she will want to take my hand
just to know what warmth feels like

My chest is exposed
where love bursts

my heart is a distant feeling
of some distant feeling of being left behind

I am something shattered
an open wound

she is drinking from me
I asked for this

now we are intertwined
though I am limp

I’m stunned with fear
frozen and slightly broken

hung from chains
made of thoughts,
memories and a sense of desperation

I still yearn and I still lust
I burn for her cunt

her heartbeat

Her fist in my mouth


I live on the moon with the TV on mute
trying to hear what other worlds are saying.

I watch what happens on earth through a telescope
made from skin and bone from the person I once was.

I used to have a path between the moon and the earth
and I walked between the two,

But now I sit on the moon with the TV on mute
and the sun said it will eventually blind me.

I’ve packed up and moved to the dark side of the moon,
with the TV still stuck on mute

i can hear the echoes of nothing behind me.

I have waited for asteroids and comets to come by,

but was distracted by the girl on the tube
and I tried to read her beautiful lips,

I think she said come back to earth
so I turned the channel to something worse.

I sit on an armchair made of moon rocks mixed
with broken dreams with a touch of what is left of me.

Deciding, that there is no point screaming because
there is no one else out here to hear me.

Many times I try and catch a star
that will bring me closer to home,

but they continuously explode realising
there is something beautiful in being alone.

Its been like this for a million light years while
my only lover feeds from another being so close,

being so near my only friend


eating canned soup
on the bedroom floor
wiping my mouth with used napkins
drinking from collapsing paper cups.

Scratching just enough to break the skin
to let the memory of you to seep in.

I shake because I get scared
you are lying on my bed
a spirit, a spectre
a sultress,

My Succubus.

Decent Into Madness – Part I
I had wondered along the road to new-hades,
the remains of the city spiralling out of the scorched earth,
vehicles laid to rest on the roads torn edge
covered in the dark ash of gods last breathe.

The eerie silence of an early grey dawn,
no birds in the skeleton trees with their morning caw.
winter had settled for nothing less
than to consume the earth forever.

I continued to ask myself was there a time before this,
a time of comfort, a place of beauty, a place called home.
A wife, a child, a warm bath and music,
was there ever the sun and its warmth filled kiss.

I pressed onward, focusing on the rhythm of my breathe
not succumbing to the fear that snapped at my heals,
and the howling wind that it rode upon whispered in my ear,
that I will break, and my legs will give way to the abyss.

I arrived at the gaping mouth of hells gate
the screams of anarchy and bloodshed ringing in my ears
It was the beginning of the madness taking over
my mind and what was left of my soul.

When god lost faith in his creation
the world turned against itself
disembowelling the mother of the earth
and all her babies would be monstrosities

their form was of a five-throated Cerberus
each head thrashing towards me, with a gnashing
of teeth chewing on the sanity I unwillingly gave away,
it had become apparent, that I would be lost here forever.

Descent Into Madness – Part II
I could no longer turn back the way I came
as the path had dissolved behind me
And the Cerberus was gaining control of my movements,
I became stiff and paralysed.

In this torment, in the first circle of hell
A winged cloaked figure towered over my shuddering body
the master of the gate was ready to open up
he welcomed me with outstretched arms

I looked timidly into the chasms of his eyes
the elongated face and the wiry empty smile
told me that I had to go forward and not to look back
I let him engulf me with his shroud of darkness

His body had become the gate to the underworld
I waded through the cave of his innards
where the creatures of the darkness found me
who started to taunt and tease me

I could hear the thumping of his heart
the beat trembling in my body
and echoing in my bones
while the warmth inside him calmed me

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