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by horrorsleazetrash on September 4, 2010

Craig Podmore is from Manchester, UK. Erbacce Press published his first book, I Am a Gun last year and just recently his second collection entitled The Abattoir Heavens and The Holy Ghost. His material has also appeared on many online zines such as Gloom Cupboard, The Plebian Rag, (in print and online) The Scottish Poetry Review, Alabaster & Mercury Vol.1, Epic Rites (in print and online), Ditch, Poetry, Danse Macabre and Calliope Nerve. Craig is also a photographer and filmmaker.

Madhouse (The Stillborn Creation)

The mother wanted to kill the child when she wrote a prayer
On the shell of an atom bomb.
I do enjoy this madhouse.
The father wanted to eat his newborn after his wife had all
Of her attention on the baby.
The pro-Christian had deviant sex with an abortionist, they didn’t
Talk about their occupations back at the bar.
Like I said, I’m in love with this madhouse.

A little girl asphyxiated another child all

because the other child stated that one
Day her parents will die and will leave her all alone.
A stranger at the bus stop told me with zeal how he accidently killed a
Whore and enjoyed it.
Let’s dance in this madhouse.
Each day we eat a little bit of ourselves whether we preach, shoot a gun,
Get high, watch porn or fall in love.
A man I met said ‘he was afraid of people…’ but had taken comfort in
Talking to mannequins who dressed like his mother.
Embrace this madhouse!
This concept called life is dying each time we say ‘I love you’
Because we know it’s a fallacy:
A stillborn creation.
But when one aims to kill, maims and bludgeons a certain soul
It’s more valid; we all know that we love
The madhouse so much more…

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