Craig Sernotti

by Ian on January 6, 2011

Craig Sernotti’s first poetry collection, Forked Tongue (Blue Room Publishing, 2010), is available through His next, All We Have, will be published shortly by Thunderclap Press.

Much like myself, he’s not the photographic type.

Scientific Method

The more I bruise
your pussy
the hairier my back gets.
At least, that’s what I think.

I have a hard dick,
a hypothesis,
and you tied to the bed,

and I am ready to go
balls deep
in cause and effect

to prove this theory wrong
or right.


You say nature poems are for pussies.
I write a poem about eating your pussy while holding back a fart.

You heat spiced cider and offer it to the dog.
I ride a bicycle into the bedroom.

You yell at the goddamn neighbors to make some goddamn noise.
I count the spiders in the bathroom.

You ask a blind man for the time.
I watch you drive off and hit two parked cars, a kid walking to his school bus, the school bus, a squirrel, a skunk, a jogger, and a tree.


He invites you up to Alaska.

You spend the week
wishing he didn’t have a mullet
and bending over so he can
fuck your ass.

When you get home you
wish you had stayed.

He stops calling and answering your e-mails.
You try to forget him.
Your husband fucks your ass
but it isn’t the same.


why is it
she’s been raped more times than hairs on her head
had seven abortions
four miscarriages

why is it
she’s had tits since 12
known how to suck a dick since 13
how to eat pussy since 9

why is it
she’s hotter than your wife
your girlfriend
every girl next door in every neighborhood

why is it
she’s talking to you about Catholic rituals
with one hand down your pants
the other updating Facebook on her phone

why is it
you haven’t known her forever
but yet you have

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