damion snow

by Arthur Graham on February 13, 2018

“devil of no name. prince of crows.”

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im doin a groove on teh dance floor
i still got the moves

this busty babes bounces over
and brings her big butt on my 
groin and grinds

you like that huh
seh says

no bitch
get off me i say

i flex my iron guns 
as i dance across the floor
to the sexy bartender

can i get a sex on the beach
and maybe a sex in the club

i give him a wink
and lift up my shirt
to reveal my shredded abs

i get 86’d
and have to walk home

on my way i meet a crackhead
and i give him dough for blow
and he blows my dough 
and after the transaction is compelte i run
home and shower and scrub my penis
to clean all the homeless germies away



hey baby did you bring the lube i said
and she cums in through the front door
with a walmart bag with condoms and
lube and she is wearing sunglasess

yes i bought the fucking lube

i opened the walmart bag
but couldnt find any produce 

baby did you get any carrots

she’s wearing a trench coat
and she ignores my questions
i follow her into the living room

why didn’t you get any celery sticks baby

she stops and turns twoards me

what about ass play baby, what
are we supposed to do now
i really wanted you to put 
one of those japanese eggplants
in my hiney again

she unbottons her trench coat
and duct taped to the inside is
bushels and bushels of bannasas

a fruit bush for my fruit boy
she says

oh wow baby you’re the best i say
then she splits my bum with her bananas


the beguiled

tulips graze her ears
and a smile birthed
as she slides her gown
to her ankles

dark depths of the room
like a host for phantoms
to gaze from some
other realm

roses rain from the ceiling
diamonds bloom from your eyes
your tongue pushing mine
back behind the teeth
tastes like 
the deepest wine

and we fuck and we fuck 
and we fuck


belly of the beast 

dragons flash, scattered scales
rain from the sky

organ sacs and blood
to quench our thirst 

the oceans that gather
pulled by the moon’s lust

glisten beneath the
ghostly illumination

i want to swim
with splashing hands
into the eye of the storm

i want to be devoured
by god

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