David Mac

by Horror Sleaze Trash on February 16, 2013

David Mac is one of the greatest forklift drivers ever to emerge from the UK. His prose and poetry has been published in many mags, journals, sites, zines and blogs. He has various self-published collections available plus collections with Erbacce Press, Knives Forks & Spoons Press, Ten Pages Press, Writing Knights Press, and soon Like This Press. He likes blues music, guitars, cats, wine, and Humphrey Bogart.Acne

Bukowski’s always there

as I

bend you over the couch
french kiss
your cunt
like wine



Lager Lips

our beer bellies slapping up against
each other music playing the
tv on

and love

we burp each other’s
names in the
night time




my midnight hard

cock banging

on your door

asking to be

let in


or against

your cheek

asking the same



how your

mouth was

made to




I Bought Oedipus a Drink


‘You ever

dream of

fucking your own



asked me


‘That’s sick,’

I told



‘You haven’t

seen my






Another Love Poem


your hands grip my arse

my lips eat your tits


my cock – a thick swollen pig

your pussy – an angry mouth


you feel my flood, my

dirty pumping ooze


but this ain’t a poem, it’s

just another excuse to


fuck with you


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