David Mac

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 20, 2011

Cigarette Smoking Pussy brought to you by PornHub

David Mac is a 32-year-old forklift driver from the UK whose work can be found in Ambit, Purple Patch, The Journal, Weyfarers, United Press, Monkey Kettle, Clockwise Cat, Urban District Writer, erbacce, Urban Landscapes, Heroin Love Songs, Neon Highway, KRAX, Moodswing, Antique Children, Danse Macabre, Mud Luscious, Burning Houses, This Zine Will Change Your Life, Poetry Over Coffee, Global Tapestry Journal, Obsessed With Pipework, Howls and Pushycats, Word Riot, Decanto, The Delinquent, Streetcake, Dawntreader, Sarasvati, Naughty Girl X, as well as being a featured poet on The Poetry Kit’s ‘Caught On The Net’. I have various self-published chapbooks available plus ‘These Dirty Nothings’ and ‘Room is Brutal’ from erbacce-press.

Your Pussy is not an Emergency Exit, but it’ll do

Your cunt makes that

Sticky sound

Every time it

Smiles at me

Every time it

Opens up to me


Pours its heart out

It’s like it’s


You’re so wet

My girth

Is swallowed whole

As it

Slides deep

All the way in

Your pussy’s


Happy mouth

Sucking its fill

Of life

Hungry for sex

As if an

Emergency is

About to take place

It lusts for

Nothing more

Than proof

Of the world

But who can

Blame it?

The Cunt is a Cunt

The cunt never stops

it don’t shut up

The cunt keeps on

screaming in my mind

The cunt keeps snarling

from between thighs

it keeps whispering

beneath dresses

The cunt is rude and angry

all day long

It mocks and laughs and

hisses my name

It coughs and spits and

belches and swears

It needs to be fed to

make it smile

Yep, the cunt plays

on my mind

But I should learn to

stand up to bullies

My Crooked

Your words make me hard


my words make you wet.

The way we

pull the poems back

and fuck like angels

or devils

or gods,

or maybe even poets

(if that’s what we are).

And where life once was

pushing up at our skin

is no longer so tough:

the vicious days,

the stabbing nights,

all will slide away.

But just take a look at

my crooked smile:

can’t you tell I’m

so fucking serious?

can’t you see I’m

this fucking close?

Take a look at the world,

snarl at the joke.

Can you see it?

Yeah, lay back,

baby; let it burn,

all the way.

So if I tell you we can make it

I want you to believe me.

Orifice Decisions


She had blowjob lips

and blowjob eyes,

a blowjob smile.

She had a big mouth,

a big




Her lips glistened

and her tongue was fat


And when she used to talk, I used to nod.

‘Of course I’m listening to you,’

I’d say.

But thinking all the time:

a perfect place to insert myself.


I saw her little arsehole

looking at me like a

little black fish eye.

I didn’t know what to do

so I smiled.

It smiled.

So I stood and saw it some more,

wondering: if it sees me, what’s it thinking?

So I reached out and just dreamt

inside it.

I crept

in her crypt,

her last passage to navigate,

so tight

but like


to her heaven.


Her cunt smoked all my cigarettes.

I didn’t know what to do!

Lara Konesky Poem #2

I scream into my penis

As if I’m

Screaming to God


I don’t believe in God

Or not yet coz

It’s too early to tell

And what would

He be doing in there



My thoughts do rest

On sunlight and

A voice saying

‘If you want

Your happiness

Come and get it’

Well, I

Want you to

Manifest yourself

Before me

Your pussy

Wild on fire

Dripping sex

Like lava

But sometimes

You’re just too

Fucking cute

And instead of

All this lust I

Choose to fall

In love with you

Or maybe I

Don’t choose to

But I do so

All the same

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