David p Bates

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 5, 2013


David p Bates currently resides in Austin, TX.




here’s your goddam

cranberry juice

and tampons


oh poor baby

is your ego bruised


hell no I


told the clerk

I like to dip ’em

and suck ’em


your disgusting


oh yeah I say

as I lift your legs

pull down your pajamas and

pull the cord with my teeth





you say lick a stamp and send it to someone who cares

and I say you don’t have to lick stamps anymore

they’re adhesive

and you say fuck you you have an answer for everything

and I say no I don’t and you say

see? see?


and i say fuck you the letter will get there saturday

and you say no

no it won’t

the post office has suspended saturday service

and I say since when and you say


they announced it last week


and I say baby

just because the post office is falling apart

doesn’t mean america is falling apart

we’re americans and americans don’t

fall apart


and you say but we do

see? see?





clipping a wart off my finger

with a finger nail clipper


watching TV


you say there’s genocide

going on

right now


and I say yum

baby brains and gray guts


machete smile and gun rape


little birdies dirty feet


and you punch my mouth as if

my words change the world





I play with her feet by the fountain

while the joints pass

and I say something stupid

that works

and we’re driving now

towards her apartment

and now we’re there

I wanna show you something

let me turn the light on

and she licks my cock along its side

slowly making it look bigger than it is

tells me she’s shaved her pussy

since the day it began growing hair

and I should meet her dad

we’re the same age





a bad dream

of a whole room

its floor covered

in kittens


a purring stirring

carpet sea of kitten


a gray one yawns

a brown one stretches

a calico has her dumb little tongue

sticking out while she sleeps


the monster is behind me

I’m wearing soccer cleats


I leap as far into the room as I can

to spare as many as I can


then I just run






I play a CD and she says

oooh I love the beatles

and I say it’s not the



i kiss her for a minute

and begin to reach beneath her shirt


she stops me


if it’s not the beatles

then who is it


that’s the name of the band baby


she lets my hand down her jeans

moves her legs apart

releases heat

then stops


are you sure


because this really sounds like the beatles




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