Derek Childs

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 28, 2013


Twenty something year old writer, part time editor and published poet who was born and raised in Melbourne. I am a pretentiously egotistical university graduate (with delusions of grandeur of acquiring a doctorate), diligent worker (not really) and avid sesquipedalian. Additionally I am an enthusiastic video gaming geek, drama dork and occasional cook (and/or kitchen pyromaniac). I have a high appreciation for intellectuals and an incomprehensively low tolerance for morons. I frequently post depressing, soporific love poetry on my blog:


Her hymen remains intact
inside the borders of
a paradise that is
yet unclaimed by man.
Tonight’s the night I
want to show her
my affection for words
will no longer suffice.
My love muscle weeps
tears of joy at
the thought of being
inside her. I cannot
stand being apart, and
I long to be
connected to her by
something stronger than a
month’s worth of communication
for my lips no
longer wish to talk
to hers. She stands
atop a pedestal, and
like the Virgin Mary,
her flower is yet
to be plucked from
inside its noble chalice.
I wait patiently for
her readiness, longing with
a hunger to be
the one who clips
her wings and immortalises
a moment of endless
passion between her legs.
A little blood loss
never hurt anyone, and
that is all this
is. Although this moment
is special, and I
will not deny the
trepidation that runs across
my body at the
thought of piercing her
with my sword, it
is but a moment
all the same. Some
moments are forgotten, and
some are instilled for
all eternity, but such
value needn’t be the
reason for us to
remain separated any longer.
She is woman, and
nothing will ever change
that, not even my
entering her most humble
of all humble abodes.
I will do so
gently, with unruly passion,
and although I think
only of this moment,
I will not fail
her depiction of how
awe inspiring this occasion
ought to be. Think
of my words as
you will, but let
me have this chance,
to hold you to
my heart and dethrone
your virgin leadership, taking
my place where I
belong within your
darling soul.



Persian Prostitute

I’m in a bar; I’m alone, and it’s just another cold winter’s night.
My third round relieves me of my many burdens, as I thought it might,
and suddenly I look across the room and see you seated in the corner over there,
immediately wishing to run all my fingers through your ravishing dark brown hair.
You have a terrifically crafted face, and magnificent matching eyes;
just admiring your body I know, you will be a sexual paradise.
My attention is then drawn towards your sexually alluring clothes,
the same kind of attire worn by sexual deviants and ho’s,
and with that in mind, I can’t believe I have fallen for a woman quite like you.
I’ve a family; a wife, but you’re the only woman I wanna make love to.

You smile that smile of yours, despite the job you’re forced to do;
because deep down you find much joy when men say ‘I love you.’
It may not be real, and they may actually mean ‘thanks a lot’, but you like it all the same.
It is the only time you ever hear such words because no man has ever learnt your name.
However, I want more from you than your past clients did expect,
because in my eyes ma’am, you are almost absolutely perfect,
and I know this may sound crazy, cuz there’s never been a man who’s seen past your career,
but if I were to never see you again, in all honesty I would shed a tear
and even though you cannot read between the lines to realise what is true,
please my darling, believe me when I say, I will always happily love you.

I walk up to you and ask ‘young lady, I want to have some sex and you’re the one I want to fuck;
no matter the price of admission into your sensual wonderland, I’ll gladly pay the buck,
because I want to feel you on top of me; I want to feel you on top of me right now,
I simply must be with you tonight, and I honestly do not give a shit as to how.
I realise you must have a busy schedule but if you could just give me an hour,
you will not regret this decision my dear as you climb to the top of my one eyed tower.’
And you reply ‘boy, I don’t care what you’re offering, if you cannot do this in a minute,
then you should leave me alone, go back to where you came from and completely forget about it,
because if I’m going to bed a man, I need to feel the love, I have to feel the speed,
and if you are not equipped for such a task then I’m afraid you simply will not succeed.’

My temperature was beginning to heighten; my blood pressure was beginning to soar;
many a man had taken notice of us and asked ‘what? You mean you want this filthy whore?’
To them I reply; ‘I want to go where so many men have boldly gone before.’
‘I don’t care about any of your past lovers, cuz I will love you so much more.
To me you are more than just a woman,’ I proclaim, ‘more than just another working girl;
to me, right now, you are the single most beautiful prostitute in the entire world.’
You were as black as the night, yes, that’s right girls and boys, like the night she was black,
the white women in my life don’t do it for me, I just gotta get her back!
Perhaps in this life of mine I’ve always wanted a Persian Prostitute like you.
You happen to be the only one of whom I know, and you will gladly make do.

Other men come up to you, and they ask ‘please, fuck me baby; you whore; you bitch,’
then I turn and ask you; ‘please, come with me and scratch my twenty nine year old itch.’
You raise an eyebrow at this comment, and are unsure of what to say,
believe me baby when I state, ‘to have you I’ll fight, I’ll bleed, I’ll pray.’
You reach down and grab hold of my erected penis, and I begin to pleasurably sigh,
and in that instant you retract your hand as I immediately protest ‘why baby, why?’
You announce ‘get that volcano that’s about ready to erupt away from my pussy,
read my lips when I tell you boy, you sure as shit ain’t gettin’ that thing anywhere near me,
for I want a raucously loud, sexually vicious one night stand that can truly endanger my health;
you can’t provide what I am looking for, so I guess you’re just gonna have to go erupt all by yourself.’

I whinge; I complain; I flail my limbs above my head in the hopes that you will see;
that you are the only woman in the whole universe who can titillate me.
‘I want to make love to you down by the pier, so please, let’s drive down to the dock,
where I can ease my way inside you, and your vagina can massage my cock.
I want to hear you howl and scream tonight as I make love to you,
and as I do so, I’ll confess my feelings – and I’ll mean them too.
I moreover dream; and I long, of taking you into my bed,
where I can fulfil the fantasises that reside inside my head.’
You look towards the other horny men and you realise they are, all of them, beneath you.
I’m so glad you choose to spend the night with me, and I’m gonna make sure you don’t regret it too.



Love’s a Brutal Battle

In the hour I am supposedly victorious,
my enemies have been razed to the ground, their bodies
flayed at my feet, only the bitter flavour of
defeat is all that I can taste upon my tongue. It rolls
across the surface like words I would never say, and I
would gladly spit out this disgusting ideology
if such were at all possible. Love is but a brutal
battle, and although I did survive the fight I cannot
ascertain whether I be the champion that you are
deserving of, and unless I be granted the
opportunity to offer up my sword to you, I
will never know the truth. During the campaign which lasted
for a terrific length of time, I fought harder than
any other man to have that which I have longed for – you;
a prize worth waging war over to ensure I could one
day hold your prestigious heart within my grasp and breathe in
the scent of your hair, that smells beautifully like the
petals of a flower dancing upon the wind in the
gardens of Paradise. I may be just an animal,
but you are no ordinary woman, for even
Aphrodite herself, whose beauty has never been
rivalled, is forced to stand in the shadows cast by your
fabulous figure as you take from your predecessor,
the Goddess of all that is love and beauty, the crown fit
for only the most evocative seductress in all
the known galaxies. You stand apart from society
for you are beyond my comprehension, as no lesser
mortal could ever accurately fathom the
attractive qualities of all that makes you the woman
of my illustrious fantasises. Perspiration
rushes across my forehead at the very thought of you,
and at the sound of your name a shiver shoots along my
spinal column, for I infinitely lust for your sex
the way a bloodsucker lusts for flesh, and like a
vampire, I will happily feast upon you. A friend
of mine once said he never kisses women on the mouth,
and after tasting the sweet flavour of your cherry pie,
I simply must agree, I could never gorge upon
anything that is not attached to you. Just because I
perform analingus on you does not
necessarily mean I love you, although I will not
deny the fact I am. It means more to the point that I
trust you not to shit in my mouth. With this full frontal
confession writ, I think it be time for me to announce
that I do not await the conclusion, I long to
instead feel the climax after you offer up your sex
to me on a platter made of gold. Your holiest of
holies is so irresistible to behold, as you
slip your night gown to the floor and your vulva is revealed
to me. Your glory is insatiable and I cannot
look away for such an image cannot be undone, nor
would I want it to be, your beauty burnt into my
retina like a lunar eclipse. But this of yours is
what I am eternally denied, and so instead of
touching your sumptuous fruits, my hands be but blistered and
bleeding from rubbing my tube so furiously that is
undeniably red raw. My mind is a
convoluted mass of hysteria, screaming out for
me to go harder and faster with flesh against flesh, my
orgasm but a second away. My nipples become
stone, my chest becomes like the ocean, heaving back and forth,
and my heart beats faster than a Formula One race car
in preparation for what is about to occur. A
bead of sweat travels down my moist forehead, soon to be
reminiscent of the multiple beads that shall erupt
out from my elongated body part that now be a
volcano. A dream of you is nowhere near as
lustrous as you, for there be no alternative to
the touch of a real woman, which is what makes this all the
more disappointing. I can tug upon myself all
hours of the night and day until the dawn erupts, and
never will the masturbation taste anywhere near as
good as the flavour of your seductive flesh upon my
lips as my tongue pierces your succulent strawberry.
In my dreams at night I touch you; I feel you; I fuck you,
and no word in my vernacular could possibly
ever transcribe onto the page the flawlessness of its
impression upon my aching heart and mind. But dreams are
only there to show to ourselves what it is that we be
thinking of, and my thoughts are constantly sweeping you
towards my arms, which is where you eternally belong,
and the sooner you realise that we are meant to be,
the sooner I can enter into you, and there I will
always stay.



My Heart’s Horizon

Death is when the darkness takes
you, belittled by the black of
night. I don’t want to feel this
first before I die, I want to feel
you instead, for you are oh so hot
like a burning bush, the embers of
your effigy captivating me with a
raw ecstasy of emotion unlike any
that I have inhaled before. I
anxiously await the moment I can
touch your hair, like water, gently
flowing across my face as you lie
atop of me. I breathe you in, your
scent so evocative, and, like
oxygen, now a mandatory part of
me. Your lips, tentatively touching
my own as a kiss is sent from mine
to yours like a telegram of love.
Your eyes lock onto mine, and see
the secrets brimming beneath the
ocean of my awareness. You don’t
just look at me, but into me; into my
very soul. Your breasts, like tissue
paper, gently sway from side to
side, moving in perfect unison
with your perfect composer. I mark
my territory with a tattoo drawn
with my very teeth as I pluck your
skin of silky lavender. With one
ravishing vampiric bite, you shall
proudly wear my teeth marks like a
formal dress finely crafted from
floral petals. I wish to eat the
forbidden fruit that resides within
your centre, and feel the delectable
juices dribbling down my chin as I
make love to you like no man ever
has before. I long, or more aptly,
the longest part of me, dreams of
digesting your delicious orgasm
over and over and over. I hold my
tongue between clenched teeth and
dare deliberately not to talk too loud
from fear that the consequences
may be too great to manage, for I
don’t believe in subtlety, I am blunt at
the best of times. Regardless, you
know already what I intend to say,
for the words are on the tip of your
tongue, awaiting your order to
speak on my behalf. Instead of this
coming to fruition, I bow before you
and take your hand in mine. I kiss
your skin, wishing for a sinful
seductress to temporarily take your
place so I might see the sensual
feelings in your heart, cuz I desire
for you to become the heroine of
mine. I will lick you; I will bite
you; I will caress you, and I will
love you infinitely for I wish to
commit myself to no other beauty
but yours. I’ve no problem with
saying ‘I love you’ when such
words are meant, although I believe
you may resent such terminology.
Beneath your bench you keep a
voodoo doll in the shape of any man
who charms your heart, and you stab
the thing repeatedly with a needle of
solid silver until a man falls out of
fixation with you. This attitude of
yours is an unnecessary one; a
burden upon my soul that seldom
feels rejection. I resent these tactics
and will not be felled by such
malicious crimes against my romance,
for I am going to love you ma’am,
whether you want me to or not, and as
I whisper into you ‘all will be alright’,
your bated breath will be released and
you shall simply breathe again in
unison with the beating of my
palpitating heart. Sacrifice your sex to
me and I will give to you my heart,
handed to you with much affection as
I titillate you till dawn. I am yours
and you are mine, and never shall
we belong to anyone else but
ourselves, for as long as I’m alive, I
swear, you will never be lonely again.

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