Elizabeth Marin

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 23, 2013


I’m just a useless cunt that writes in my bedroom


I went home with a toothless man,

he didn’t seem to mind my hygiene was from a can.

This isn’t never never land

and I’ll never be Peter Pan,

but I can take amphetamines

and allow myself to be disembowelled by raging teens.

Who aren’t aloud to stay up until they’ve ate their beans-

and smoked all their greens.

Milk and vodka, vodka and milk,

I just got my period and I’m wearing silk.

Ahh, no.. wait-

It’s more heinous, I’m bleeding from my anus.

He held me down and I couldn’t get away,

you’re in luck he whispered,

‘I can go all day.’

I bit my lip, sighed and prayed.

I gave up, it’s too late

I’m already getting laid.

Who cares it’s all shit anyway,

once he’s done I’ll be bored and back on my way,

or maybe I could stay?

And allow him to frequently play,

I would put up a fight

If he’d like.

I wouldn’t mind, just as long as it past some time-

this here is a victimless crime,

because I get bored from time to time.

More often I’d like to decline

from my life line.

I chain smoke alpine,

Cause I’m not doing so fine.

Oh your done-  you just blew,

I feel it shooting through.

Thanks baby for the screw,

Was it tight enough for you- you get threw?

It’s almost brand new.

Don’t leave me now,

please just stay awhile,

lay a while.

I’m yours, here to defile-

is it that you are a paedophile?

Get me pregnant, give my womb a tenant.

I’ll born it,

you can rear it,

Its yours- our pride and joy, your sex toy

To deploy and discharge

Round after round

Of incest molest- ation.

Cause the little cunt mental devastation,

come back and give me a cross contamination.

I don’t care, what’s another laceration

from a deep, foreign vaginal penetration

Just don’t leave me.



Lesbian Love


Affirmations on what seems to be love abbreviations

concerning a cluster of crustaceans.

She gonna love me, she gonna love me not.

Imma hang here and just let me rot-

choke me- quintessential executed knot.

She love me not.

Strap me to a soaking infested cot,

pneumonia, homophobia


A Histeric homo with an pneumonia.


Ahhh a dingo he ate, he ate my baby

and I was sure yesterday I was a lady.

My name is Jan and I’m a Brady.

Middle child syndrome

and I’ve snorted enough drugs

I’m now inside a snow dome


She love me,

but a hysteric homo just can’t let it be

could this be?



It’s freaking me,

crustaceans loving the drama

with a twelve dollar pot and parma.

Complicate and contradict

just because you’re inadequate

you cant sprout a dick.

Pappa Gepetto carved his very own wooden hoe

defective of a camel toe.

That boy, he could make Gepetto blow.

’But Pappa I am telling the truth.’

Lie damn you boy,

lie at an excessive rate.

Penetrate and anally rotate,

till your Pappa feels great

and is satisfied you ate  enough

dick cheese to please

my sickening senior sleaze


I love you, I don’t love you not



1,2 I’m coming for you


you know how I’m gonna tell who you are fucking?

It’ll be who ever the fuck is power chucking.

Bitch I infected you with hepatitis C,

fuck you thought you’d escape me?

you’re fucked now-

you’re contagious, you think it’s outrageous?

It was bonding while we were fondling,

How was I to know you’d go out tarting.

Doctor, doctor 
help there’s this rash

and my ex just bashed 
my current pash!

I’m scared, she was never hand reared-

she’s mental and can’t understand civil-

she’s evil and i’ve seen her possessed by the devil.

Fuck why the fuck did you have to meddle?

All star fucking monster.

Doctor, doctor 
I’m fucked you wont be much help

this is the lesbian I’ve been dealt.

Who the fuck am I to write these rhymes?

What am I destroying your lives?

You think I give a fuck 
if my lines get stuck in your


and you blurt them out 
while she’s fucking you from


You think I give a fuck 
if she died crossing the

railway line 
by an express Vline?

Cut her in half at the waist line.

I’d watch her dangle all mangle,

I’d lay down beside her a
nd whisper how I’m gonna

come find ya.

Undress ya, 
caress ya 
and make a total fuckin’ mess of


I’ll masturbate her 
while her throat closes over a

she suffocates from the trauma 
I caused her.

Haha I’m fucked, 
did you not get the memo 

No one can keep up with my tempo bitch!

I burn all my bridges

and scream with excitement 
at the thought of burning


Frying shifty cunt bitchez.

This my new rhyme 
and someone has gotta die

I think it’s you 
pumpkin pie.

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