Frankie Metro

by Ian on February 23, 2011

Frankie Metro is a poetry/prose, fiction writer who lives in Clearwater, Florida. He likes ganja, hardcore wrestling, and the intimate workings of the female form. He is also a Henry Miller and Arthur Rimbaud fanatic and currently holds the cruiserweight title in the underground literary wrestling world. If you’re game, he will accept all challenges but only under Extreme Rulez!

The 20 inch Cock and the Championship Belt

When it’s early morning
beneath the
bad breath
of a hungover moon..
extreme erotic evolution
is in its first
stages of development.

A super egotistic
w/ the

The rules are simple.
Nothing to wear
kendo sticks scars,
belly charms,
nipple pasties
a half grin,
eyes for the camera
30 minutes of

There’s a ladder match
inside the ring
for a 20 inch
plastic cock
championship belt-
which is the plastic cock.

The ladder is used to climb
to the top of the hill-
where fist-fucking
is completely legal.

There’s 2 girls
w/ 2 distinct looks..
one from a backwoods trailer
of Virginia.
two from the Beaver Barn
in ‘Bama
& the ref is a former model
for Muscle & Fitness.

‘That chick’s got gunz yo!’

‘Bama takes home
the cock
& the bloody title…
“Crimson Tide!”
all the way out the arena-

She lugs the cock behind her
as it drags the pavement-
She plops it in the passenger seat
& makes for the trailer on the outskirts
of the Virginia border.

Virginia carries
her bloody head
to the back
& wipes the fans’ refreshments
from her belly.
The charm fell off somewhere near the middle
of the match
after an ill-timed
Frog Splash
from the top of the
2nd turnbuckle.

She flings the pasties
at the mirror
& slips on a raincoat..

She picks up her cellphone
and calls her 7 year old..
just sitting down for breakfast all
the way in Centre, Al.

“Hi momma.”

“Hey baby.”

“When you comin’ home?”

“On my way.”


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