Gareth Writer-Davies

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 7, 2012

Illustrator:Amanda Massara

East Anglian Amazon who loves cats and horses, draws comics and naughty cartoons to keep herself sane!

Writer of the poetry:  Gareth Writer-Davies

Ageing Lothario, dating an Aussie to kickstart his libido; one cat, one mother, one step after another. Still living west of a bloody cold wind….


I could see her weekend pass

written in bold

Access all Area

backstage too

the Literary Salon

was debating

“literary sex is the best sex”

and whether punctuation was still cool

she snapped the buckle

of her gum boot

and strode across the mud

parting the crowd

like the Red Sea

there’s no desire

in pussyfooting around

so I swallowed a pill

and followed her

there’s many a fine tune

played on a three string guitar


-next time you see me

I’ll be married-

she took it on the lip

twisted her Marilyn hair

around her skinny little finger

gave me her kitty look

I knew then

I was all wrapped up

in the pleasure of her smile

there was a street

in some city we didn’t yet know

where we walked buying coffee and brunch

open to the other of our suggestions

making no plans

we hugged trees

made friends with dog

we have our animal intentions

that have never read a book

and scratch out a fever

in a creaky bed

and stay the best of friends




licked my balls

whilst looking me straight in the eye

little curls of DNA

under her tongue

she told me


made her feel hot


our fucked up weekends

we made patterns from a picture book

cut paracetamol and coke

into a cheese dip

and because a quick one wouldn’t do


she’s got the knack of it now

I just try to keep up

on a day yet to be decided

she will stop

and pick away

the little bits of me

on her lips

in her mouth

under her fingernails

and blow me a kiss goodbye

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