Hank Beukema

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 25, 2012

A previous character in my life known as Rev Buckman. An old recording from 2004 updated with music…..
Two lane triumphs and
Miles traveled hardly stack up
In my memory any longer
To the later years of self-indulgent
Drug/drink-addled staring at four walls…
Half a century has taught me little
But that if I love it
I will lose it…
Born and raised to lead others
To Heaven I have been on the
Road to Hell for decades…
A road I have made my own
Choices to be on every step
It’s true…
A week of sobriety has not made
Anything clearer except that it is
Impossible to sleep…
I feel like I have lost that fine edge
I always carried with me and
That Gnossos Papadopolous immunity
That was always in my pocket…
I have lost my romance my rage,
My dancing has become awkward
And stiff and no longer do I
Hear the soundtrack music when I
Walk the streets…
I continue to sleep alone
When I sleep,
Begging my Angels to come back
But unwilling to bid my demons goodbye…
I remain, true to my nature,
As always,
Like the scorpion that stung the turtle
As he carried him across the river,
A heart full o gold
And a head full of sin….

Hank Beukema Copyright revbuckmanmusic 2004 [Previously in Lummox]

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