Hank Beukema

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 7, 2013

Ralph [[ the Hudson River BiPolar bear]] was downstairs
dancing to Ray Charles singing Eleanor Rigby
and watching dirty movies on cable…
I said Ralphie, what are you thankful for?
He said, [[ Um, Jameson’s, Ray Charles and, uh, dirty movies…]]
Wow, I said, you really have a small window you look out of, don’t you?

Rev Buckman was sitting out back just staring at the woods…
I said, Rev, how about you?
He said, between God the Devil and you,
everything I have ever loved has been taken from me…
The baby, the women…. The pills…
Just what I gotta be thankful for?
I said, You are lucky that I don’t kill you off,
you can be thankful for that, okay, curmudgeon?

I said, Guys, listen up…
Today is the day when Americans go to the storeroom of their souls
and take an inventory and appreciate what they have that
many, many others do not…
I said, it’s a tradition and it’s one of those things that let’s us stop for a minute and look back and look ahead and kind of put a pin in the map of the Universe that says, YOU ARE HERE.

Then I thanked the Gods
[that I sometimes talked to and sometimes even talked to me]
for being alive and sober for one more day…

That’s it.

They know the rest,
that’s why they got the job as Gods…

Besides, everything else is just gravy…

Hank Beukema Copyright revbuckmanmusic 2012
Music performed by John Coltrane

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