Honest to the point of being a liar – Ben John Smith / Kane Mlbourne New Chap Book.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 30, 2012

In what seems to have become the squeal to the last collection of gibberish (“Self saterized anxiety”), Me and Kane Melbourne (http://www.facebook.com/kane.melbourne/info) have collaborated and will soonishly be releasing our new chap book “Honest  the point of being a liar” – I really dont deserve the fucking talent of such an artist but shit; i got lucky.   As soon as its pressed up and ready to rock n roll we will have a launch party (ie: get drunk and read shit).  Its going to be rad.  All books will be sent out for free, so when i get my ass into gear and get it pressed (ie:print it out and cut it up with a guillotine in the lounge room while watching gossip girl) let me know and if you want a copy ill send you one out.


“Do you think

it’s going to rain


And she says


With a sigh.

Due to the forecast

I cancel all my plans

for building an

outdoor fort


the dinner table


There must be more


things to do with a Sunday

evening –

I just can’t think of them

right now…

Ever since I started

taking Prozac I

can’t wank.

It’s ruined

my favorite



made me relaxed

about it.

I know I should

miss playing with my knob

but I’m apathetic

I go from watching 6 minutes

of suicide videos

to red tube

and back again.


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