James Babbs

by Horror Sleaze Trash on August 1, 2012

I have published hundreds of poems over the last several years in print journals and online.  I live in the same small town where I grew up.  I work for the government but don’t like to talk about it.  I have a cherry tree and two grapevines in my back yard and several pesky rabbits.  My books are available from www.xlibris.com, www.lulu.com & www.interiornoisepress.com.



she asked for the money up front

a hundred dollars cash and

I knew it wasn’t negotiable

but I said I wanted some kind of security

so I told her to take off her top


I figured she’d be less likely to run away

if she didn’t have her shirt on

she wasn’t wearing a bra and

her tits were pressing against the thin fabric

she laughed and

pulled off her shirt

before throwing it on to the bed

she wasn’t heavy or scarred

like some of the others I’d seen


she wasn’t bad at all

she could’ve almost been a real woman

the kind of woman you might find

sitting in a bar somewhere

waiting for somebody to buy her a drink

but there was something in her eyes

that caught the light and

I saw it

when she grabbed the money from my hand

clutching it tightly in her fingers

holding on to it

while she was sucking me and


when she turned around

with her back to me

taking me inside her

without removing her skirt and

started moving

she never made a sound

but just kept going

until she knew I was done




Last Night I Dreamed I Was Fucking


last night I dreamed

I was fucking a beautiful woman

taking her from behind

my hands caressing her tits

while I worked it in and out


a crowd of people

pouring into the room

running around

laughing and

having a good time

I told the woman

I’d been fucking


we should go upstairs

so we did

there were five or six rooms

filled with all kinds of furniture

but none of the rooms had a bed

not one single bed


I said

I guess we can use the couch


there were three or four of them

and the woman nodded her head

but before we could continue

a big dog came running in

barking and wagging its tail


an old man

with a deer on a leash

the old man stopped and

released the deer

letting it run free

then the old man sat down

at an old wooden desk

and started dialing the phone

when I asked him

what he was doing

he told me to shut up

it wasn’t any of my concern



I Don’t Know His Name


I see him sitting

on his front porch

every day

when I’m on my way to work

an empty chair next to him

a cup of coffee in his hand

I assume it’s coffee

but I don’t know for sure

I guess

it could be anything

an old man and

he’s lived in that house

for as long as I can


I don’t know his name

I don’t really know

anything about him

but every morning

he waves at me and

I always make sure

I wave back



Alright With You


you’ll notice

after I’ve been drinking for awhile

my tongue starts to loosen and

when I talk to other people

I often repeat myself

because I’m afraid

of not being understood

let’s have another one and

we’ll see what happens


tell me

what kinds of things

do you find funny


I want to make you laugh

I like it when you laugh

the way your whole face lights up and

how the skin around your eyes

gets those little crinkles in it

let’s just get drunk and

have a good time


is that alright with you


and one more thing

don’t ask me what I want



I just want a warm body next to me


I don’t want to be alone tonight and

I sure as hell

don’t want to fall in love


is that alright with you



When Will I See You Again


I want to kiss your eyes

before tonguing your mouth

trace a path


down your delicate neck

linger for days at your breasts

feel you softly breathing

the rhythm of your heart

I want to lick your belly

just above your waist


using only the tip of my tongue

I want to tickle

your belly button

while slowly moving


listening to the sighs

escaping from your lips

the teasing


stretching it out


I can’t wait

I miss you

how long has it been

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