Joseph James Cawein

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 29, 2013

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Joseph James Cawein is a young writer from southeastern pennsylvania with a fetish for sexy RA’s.

Two RA’s

I used to sit on the bathroom floor

of my dorm in OKC with a gatorade bottle

full of drier sheets smoking synthetic marijuana

and I’d blow the smoke through the bottle and

it would come out smelling nice and pleasant

and not at all like smoke or synthetic marijuana

and one day my RA came knocking at the door

a pretty Christian girl with long legs and tiny breasts

and when she walked in she looked around

and asked me what it was that could possibly

smell so wonderfully wicked

and when I brought her to the bathroom

she looked horrified for a moment

before her eyes became all wide and filled with lust

and she tore off her clothes and sucked me off

right there on the bathroom floor


Months later in Portland my RA

was a short Latina with long curly hair

and a great big ass

and I used to sit smoking my bong

and sticking my head out the window

whenever I’d exhale

and the people on the street never seemed to notice

the stoner three stories up

and the day she came knocking I opened the door

and she said something about a ‘floor meeting’

with her eyes fixed directly on my bong

and I invited her in but she declined

so I took another bong rip

and masturbated instead


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