Joshua Dobson

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 15, 2012

Joshua Dobson likes to make his own fun, some of which can be found @


chickens ain’t got no teeth

but life was looking pretty bleak

for the toothless circus geek

spit in the eye of anyone who tells you it ain’t tough as heck

gumming your way through a live chicken’s neck

while at the inside of your cheek it’s beak does peck

at the end of his wits

thinking of calling it quits

no more cloaca busted nuts

no more reading the future in bloody guts

wrists scarred with practice cuts

while drinking himself senseless

he met an unscrupulous dentist’s apprentice

who furnished the toothless geek’s yap

with a specially modified bear trap


sniff an object made of metal

then touch it and sniff your finger

the scent of metal on your finger

will be stronger than

the scent of the metal object itself

when she gets home from work

my girl’s snatch, taint, and crack

reek of the brass pole

from the titty bar down by the railroad tracks

when her pussy gets juicy

the tuna sald stink of her cunt

mingling with the lingering scent of metal

smells like a harpoon

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