Karissa Satchwell

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 4, 2013


Karissa Satchwell is a 23 year old residing in KY. She writes poetry when she isn’t working dead end jobs. She blogs about her bad habits at karissaariel.blogspot.com


remember the night
you turned me into a candle
lit me on fire
i dripped down my legthen you left
i stood for 45 minutes
convincing myself that you
were a hallucinationtoo long sober
i am starting to think
there are no pay offs to trying
to get your shit togetheri switched substances
started inhaling you
hour long hugs that cut up time
as if it were white lines

a higher power does not exist to me
but what we are is the same as sinning
is it worth it to you
it is so worth it to me

to keep burning
again and



you got me again
hook, line, sink your teeth
and nails into every metal part in my body

you are human radiation
i am delirious and thirsty

your body is a temple
i pray in you on my knees

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