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330 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

Friday, August 3, 2012

Following the packed-out success of their last war on 11.11.11, sexually repressed, separated Greek girl on a rampage meets playboy from the burbs once again under the roof of the freakiest bookshop in Australia and on the streets of Fitzroy. It’s head-to-head, poem for poem, for a battle where there can only be one winner.

Full series of photos to be unveiled soon at and Photography by PAXAR Studios, concept by Kaliopi Malamas

After the sell-out success of Dimitriadis’s Love and Fuck Poems zine, the 3CR radio presenter and widely published writer sees the war as a warm-up to her book launch in September of Love and Fuck Poems (The Deluxe Edition). ‘I’m really excited about the zine being a proper book,’ Dimitriadis said. ‘The poems have been revamped by an editor and there are also a few extra poems. I’m planning to giveaway one advance copy on the night.’

Smith also has reason to celebrate. He will be also soon be launching his new chapbook. Smith is the founder and editor of the underground, low brow, art e-zine, Horror Sleaze And Trash. He has been widely published and has produced many sell-out poetry chapbooks. ‘Can’t wait for the showdown! I’ll be giving away stuff too. People buy any book on the night to go into the draw.’

“Polyester Books is synonymous with literature designed to shock, titillate, resonate and elucidate and has a long and celebrated tradition of hosting unusual and thought-provoking creative performances. This show remains true to the tradition. Featuring talented young local writers showcasing material that is chaotic and subversive, while at the same time brutally honest and raw. ‘Polyester Books is full of perverts, throw-backs and degenerate gamblers… this well appointed book store provides a home-away-home for the connoisseurs of fine publishing.’ – Frank Zappa, U.S. musician

‘Blood, Fire, Love & Passion; scramble! Direct hit.’ TT.O, prominent poet speaking about Love and Fuck Poems

‘Smith possesses the ability to get at the utter, disgusting truth about himself. It almost seems as though he strips himself bare so the reader can get a good look of both the outer and the inner man.’ Todd Moore, American OutLaw Poet.

Concept and creative consultant: Kaliopi Malamas

Photography by the brilliant dudes at Paxar Studios

You don’t like it? Don’t fuck it ~ By Koraly Dimitriadis.

I tell you I’ve waxed my hairs
that I’m as smooth as a baby’s bottom
and you make a comment about my landing strip
say that it should make a departure like the rest of my hairs
But let me tell you something, Mr
Just ’cause you’re the unofficial man
in my life, for the time being (lucky you)
don’t give you the right to make calls like that

If you don’t like it? Don’t fuck it.

Because let me tell you something:
If I can’t be bothered waxing
and my hairs grow out a bit, they grow
And if I feel like never waxing again, I won’t
Why do you get the luxury of being all hairy
while I got to go through the agony of wax?
Nah, you don’t like it? Don’t fuck it

I really like you and everything
but I got to make this really clear:
(I know I’m exaggerating but this is a poem)
If I don’t want to wear makeup, I won’t
If I don’t want to straighten my hair, I won’t
If I don’t want to dress up one day, I won’t
You don’t like it? Too bad

Whether I do or I don’t
I still feel like a woman
Hairs or no hairs
If you see me as different
that’s your problem
(not that you would, I’m just saying! xxx)

I know we’re not even fucking
but that’s irrelevant
because we might or
we probably will

So let me say it again:
If you don’t like the ‘situation’? Don’t fuck it.
You don’t like it?
Then don’t fuck it.

The hair between us ~ By Ben John Smith

You preen your pussy but
i dont shave my beard.
For at least a week

This is my feminist
stance against
the growing number
of clean vaginas

in this scruffy neck
dick pulling
penis waving

Like Thich Quang Duc
and his self immoslusion,

but a little less

Your vagina is
soft and hairless
like a young childs
during the week i dont shave

and it still freaks me out that
in some strange way we have gone

in our sexual maturity.

Why would a grown man
want the vagina
he is about to

to look like a childs?

and more god damn

Why would a woman accept this?

go through that pain –

even pay for the experiance!!

To have the tuft of
hair ripped from her cunt

by a old chinese woman
with bumpy old hands

in a back store
of the local

But for that week

I split the bald peach
of your womb
and stuck a wet tongue
into your prepared pie.

I grew a beard
and refuse to shave it

because if your going to
act like a little girl

im going to man up
and play big

Come now child,
give your old man
a big fat

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