Lachy Pascoe

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 20, 2012

Lachy Pascoe: brisbane boy, moved to melbourne when i turned 18 and ive been living and writing and studying here since. I’m listening to some asshole discuss “the realest black country music”, whatever the fuck that is. Uhh, one sentence to sum me up: ” ‘become a fascist, become a monk’: or get wasted, and listen to punk. “. i like literature, film, music, boxing and 4/20. im fascinated by murder and death because theyre honest events/concepts. In every tender moment, theres something cruel. In every brutal moment, theres something tender. That grey area is what I write about.

Strays’ tastes


There’s a problem with our skin:

it’s called the space in between

where the heat starts to breach

burning like a jets’ flame

I’ve got a secret for you

it’s written here on my tongue

slide it between your lips

and bring your body undone

untie your hips like a christmas gift

tear the wrapping off

hands push hard, no soft

push together hard, no, soft

pinning you to the mattress top

or ill find you in a rock pool

covered by silence and trees

push apart trembling knees

heating water so cool

ill draw the shocks on your spine

and watch your mouth open

with whispers and sighs

put your fingers in mine

let your head roll back

and ill rock you in time

feel you drop from beneath me

like the floors fallen south.

throw you against the wall,

fuck our fury out.

let’s waste days with each other

panting: fuck fast or slow

hear you gasp my name

wait for the shaking to go

bend you backward in two

leave you bruised black and blue

and come together


I’ve got a secret for you

it’s written here on my tongue

graffiti your body

pulling your skirt up and undone

seconds pass like sweat drops

years behind you, inside you

beg me never to stop

hands push hard, now soft

push together hard, now soft

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