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by Ian on January 12, 2011

Lara Konesky’s first book, Next to Guns, can be found at Grievous Jones Press (Grievous Jones Press, 2009). She recently co-edited and contributed to Blood at the Chelsea (Erbacce Press 2010), an anthology of writers writing for other writers. You can also read Lara’s work online and in print at Thieves Jargon, New Aesthetic, Gutter Eloquence, Word Riot, Left Hand Waving and various other rad places.

The Perpetual Virginity of Mary

In certain circles, it is rude to debate the perpetual virginity of Mary
you can consider it
consider the theological ramifications of Jesus having brothers and sisters
just try not to do so out loud
the same is true about anal sex
if you have any questions about it,
it is not considered good manners
to wake your mother up at 2 a.m. to ask her
even if it seems really important at the time.

you can’t train the fuck out of someone but you can run a train on someone until they scream fuck

remember that time we had all the time in the world for jacking off
and writing poems
and pretending to de-construct anyone else
or just rub one out to semantics, in general
you look pretty in that color of the alphabet
oh, I know, life does get boring sometimes that’s why the good lord brought you
shit for your idle hands
I think you look so goood when your head is about to explode, baby…
I wish you would keep going even when it hurts
sometimes we get so lazy and sometimes we never keep the knife long enough
to carve out the last good thought
you can’t train the fuck out of someone but you can run a train on someone until they scream fuck and
other funny fuck words
I want to picture you writing poetry in basketball shorts and and thick hair
I’ve been known to fuck up your muse
with pointless matters
like fashion
and Kant/Cunt
you always leave with the rest of the room talking about
all that style you got

Unless Your Dick is the Tree

when you write about nature it makes me want to kill myself
unless your dick is the tree
and then it isn’t so bad

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