Lena Judith Drake

by Ian on May 9, 2011

Lena Judith Drake is the editor-in-chief of Breadcrumb Scabs poetry magazine, and loves sexy, guilty, gritty, scabby poetry. For more information, and for previous publications, please visit her personal site.

The Pansexual Appetite IV

first julie kiss, she gives me food poisoning,
cloudy garlic butter, chunked in the curve
of the container, all over her tongue.

she wants batteries for her graphing calculator
and we share a vibrator
on the bathroom floor of Dormitory C.
i reach for the outlets
but she only reaches a pre-orgasmic buzz,
clit gone dead,
even with those spinning beads and plastic tingle bunny ears,
antibacterial soap
between us.

she deep tissue kneads my tattoo
and tells me pain is endorphins is happiness,
so she wants butterflies everywhere.
there are cutters everywhere
today. i can’t quit fucking them.

i climb the stairs in the dark, three at a time
lunges, drink bottles each step, and i find
my roommate staring wide-eyed at the ceiling, shorts to knees
pubes poking through her mesh thong, nothing new,
julie petting her belly, then
asking to kiss me.
so we kiss, and she pulls me in by the ears
with her moan, tongue slip,
and i should keep watching scifi downstairs,
but she’s a good kisser,
but she throws up on my roommate’s carpet floor,
pineapple pizza and coagulated sauce.

after her buttery mouth,
i’m fine,
until my own dinner.
standing and projecting right into the bowl,
i vomit whole shrimp.

the shrimp float on the surface,
the first leg of their journey
back home to the sea.

food and sex: kink
(Based on interviews with food and sex workers)

blowing cum bubbles
french toast dipped in beer
stranger giving handjobs in the shower
uncooked pasta in caramel sauce
pete seeger from sesame street
baked beans on a waffle
breath play
onion-sauteed white bread
being dominated
pork sausage in applesauce
someone who will wait for me
rye bread, sour cream, and brown sugar
veal with peanut butter
mac and cheese makes me hard
tit fucking
cooling oatmeal with milk
barely legals
mustard and frank’s red hot
sex swing
oreos and ketchup
bananas and pizza sauce
mashed potatoes in barbecue sauce
multiple facials
frozen pizza topped with leftover spaghetti

food and sex: yes and no
(Based on interviews with food and sex workers)

fresh ramen
PIV intercourse with mutual climax
shake and bake chicken
cunning linguistics
mango sticky rice
no sex
girl on top
skinny chicken
giving cunnilingus
giving blowjobs
wing heaven
getting cunnilingus
slow sex
zucchini bread
a client who tips
anything wrapped in seaweed
anal with guy on his back on the bed and you at the foot of the bed standing up
fire sauce hot wings

processed food
giving blowjobs
fish sticks
i’m too fat to reach my prostate
fish eggs
heavy roast beef
baby animals
slime okra
having to because you’re married
shrimp for the rubbery texture
apple pie
giving handjobs
seafood fast food
a customer who touches after time is up
having nipples licked
american food
gummy bears
greasy food
touching vaginas
dippin’ dots
human flesh
soy milk
dead animals
getting eaten out makes me feel vulnerable

The Pansexual Appetite V

she uses the “infectious” vomit stain
on her floor to explain why she throws up so often.

we never actually kiss
but we stand in the same gray sweater together, XXL
and we hold each other.
together, in a lingerie getup collected from goodwill
we give her baptist boyfriend a lapdance
until he tents his pajama pants.
we leave him alone
with the tissues piling up
in his garbage bin, from his “runny nose”.

we steal fruit in our bags
from the buffet.
she eats “delicious” ice cream, forgetting
her lactose intolerance,
for the fifth time this week.

we buy massagers and Playgirls from the bookstore,
and go to separate showers
and i don’t come but i get pretty damn close,
and she doesn’t come because she wants to throw up instead.
we meet an hour later, lie about our orgasms,
and play first-person shooter videogames.
i think about kissing her.

character development

i found out she was suicidal
when she thought it was hot
that i named my character’s murder victim
after her.

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