Love and Fuck Poems: The Deluxe Edition

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 15, 2013


Finally, the ebook has landed. Trendy digital-only imprint of Pan Macmillan Momentum Books have recently released the ebook version of Love and Fuck Poems: The Deluxe Edition to over 200 retailers around the world. Yes, that’s right, the sexually repressed separated Greek girl is rampaging around the world and to celebrate we are giving away free stuff!

Firstly, on Goodreads. Outside The Box Press is giving away ten FREE SIGNED copies of the print book! YIPPEE!

And because Momentum like to throw big, lavish parties, they are giving away 20 copies of the ebook! Just email with the subject “Love and F**k Giveaway” (don’t forget the asterix or your might end up in junk mail!) and include your name and preferred ebook format (mobi for Kindle, epub for everything else) to win!

OR click here on how to buy the book in all its weird and wonderful formats!

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