Matt Hetherington

by Horror Sleaze Trash on July 19, 2012

Matt Hetherington: musician, writer, and sook living in Thornbury. Has a decent heater. His most recent poetry collection is “Eye to Eye” (PRECIOUS PRESS, 2012), and in 2006, he was co-editor of “Straight from the Tank”, a performance-documentary film featuring over 60 poetry performances in Melbourne from 2003-2005.

This Is Not a Dream

i’m on my knees again
next to the pipe
that runs from the bathroom sink to somewhere outside
the floor is white and clean
except for one small pile of my young daughter’s excrement
it’s no big deal
i have cleaned like this before
but there’s actually more than i thought
my knee gets some crap on it
and then the elbow of the hand holding the cleaning-cloth
then the other hand
and i try to wipe off a bit that’s got on my cheek
but i can taste some of it on my lips
and of course i swallow a little
and then it’s in my mouth and on my teeth
and my tongue is tasting shit
and i wake up spitting out nothing

Pissing in the Sink

and why not? it’s not
as if many people
are going to know.
i do it whenever
i feel like it.
the more i drink, the better,
and the longer the pleasure.
i make
my way
to it these days
with a knowing
casualness. it flows
from me like words,
and when i’m finished
i’m always

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