Michael Scaife

by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 6, 2012

Michael Ashley is a 30 year old from Huddersfield in the county of West Yorkshire (United Kingdom), most of the time he is either working the 9 ‘til 5 or walking his dogs, but in between this [and dodging the turds that life flings his way] he writes a little poetry. You can read more of his work at www.michaelashley.wordpress.com

Worms & Men

there’s a thousand worms

beneath the vibrant

green lawn

all working

all turning



& blind

to their importance

they’re the polar opposite

of humanity

our ugly heads are everywhere

our need to be loved palable

& our inflated sense

of self importance

unwinds this world

The Only Way This Poem Will Fly

the difference
between today
& a year ago
is that today
I’ve got balls

back then
I’d have bottled it

& pushed on
with the poem
about a man
to gambling

I’d have twisted
the clumsy
of a coin slot
& a vagina
made him stroke
those metal lips
until she came

a machine-gun
shower of coins

all over his fingers

but today
when I feel
it isn’t gelling

I take the page
fold again

& make
a paper plane

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