Mike Meraz

by Horror Sleaze Trash on February 16, 2011

Mike Meraz lives in New Orleans. He works at a grocery market in the French Quarter. He writes in his spare time. You can find his books here.

Whoever Said

whoever said,
“if you love something
let it go free. if it doesn’t come back,
you never had it. if it comes back,
love it forever”

is a complete idiot.

I once called an ex-girlfriend
after 2 years purely
because I was horny
and I knew she was an
easy lay.

reconnecting with old friends,
old lovers is good,
but we should not put
too much weight into these things.

life is life and people are people
and for the most part:

things do not change.

find your niche,
find your groove and go with that.

let others do the same.

love not as a prize to be found
but as a daily occurrence of life

like brushing your teeth,
or wiping your ass.

love not as a monumental thing
but as an ordinary step to
your happiness.


we start making out.
then she says,
“wait, I have to go to the bathroom.”

I hear the bath tub water running
and running
and running
and running

she comes out in a towel,
looks refreshed.


The Machine Gun Vs. The Atomic Bomb

I feel muddled.
I haven’t written anything all day.
while other poets write
5 poems a day,
I think,
all I need is one bomb,
one bomb to blow
this place

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