Mike Walker

by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 7, 2012

Mike’s poems have been published in chapbooks and here at HST. He’s currently working on a series of short poems for a future project. He and his girl live a happily antisocial life on a hill in southern California.

Liquor Store Rumination

The guy ahead of me
bought a lottery ticket
with the change
from his bottle of rum.
So being inspired
I asked for another
to go with my wine&smokes.

Waiting on the clerk
I wondered, if I won
the hundreds of millions,
what I’d really do
with my new-found loot.
And knowing what I do
about things and myself,
and though I’d like to think
my first intentions
would be for others,
were I being honest,
I’d most likely
squander it in brothels.

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