MJ Edwards

by Arthur Graham on March 7, 2018

MJ Edwards lives in the middle of nowhere, France with her horror-writer husband, Dean Edwards https://www.deanclaytonedwards.com/). She has been writing poetry since she was little and now churns out cut price web content, picks at poems, and declaims radio drama. She should have her own website, really. 



The Girl Who Lost Her Tongue

It was a night right out of a very dark fairy tale –
prompted by a rain-bored day, siblings can be cruel.
And that twisted aunt had egged us on.

In the bin her tongue was already shrinking
and blue. Without the blood to plumpen it
only the sidling cat was teased.

The flesh wouldn’t glue.

Our meanest sister beat her shock.
Had the wit to point at the dinner meat,
hands aflap but flagging: ‘The ox won’t miss it.’

Big as a footprint. Unwieldy as a fat flatfish.
Dulcie was too sharp for such a blunt instrument,
but we were quick enough to make dinner make do.

Lucky Grandma can sew.

And there was room enough for reaching in
since Dulcie’d learned that jaw thing:
the bone unhinged. Mouth became maw.

The floor creaked as we all craned in
to watch the needle flashing through gore.
Lightning filled the dumbfound kitchen.

A fizz. The ox meat started twitching.

One shrieked curse and that Dulcie never spoke to us again.




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