Nicholas Karavatos

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 12, 2013

Nicholas Karavatos is an assistant professor in the Department of English at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. He holds degrees from Humboldt State University and New College of California. He is the author of No Asylum (Amendment Nine, 2009).


That’s a Bitch of a Romance


I forget to fuck

You at night. I

Fall asleep.


Everywhere at the Festival yesterday, I

Kept seeing people who used to be there.


No time for losers ‘cause

We are the eyes of the world.


Covet my neighbor’s

Enemy as myself.


Heaven is a snore, or less.



Rug burn.


The muscle

Pulled itself, said

The pill.

It hurts but I still have to.


“If only you’d do it for free / I’d give you everything.”




The Affair





I felt a strong curtain come down

Inside me. It was a good run.

Fifteen years. Strike that set.

We have a new stage

To craft.

What a relief you didn’t tell me to

Tear my heart off

My sleeve and shove it

Back down

My throat where it



Can’t get own without being else’s

back away here from where are

getting the getter gets

never promise seems to be

then gone seem else’s own.

Different loves me all

have and will and it

the broken string I have not

fixed all weekend on my guitar

can feel it broken

in me and the music.

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