R.D Armstrong

by Horror Sleaze Trash on November 30, 2013


3 Line Bio

No, I’ve never done time

No, I don’t go to meetings

No, Raindog is not my given name.


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Hospital Codes


Here in the hospital

Most of the staff have

A dark sense of humor


I guess it’s because they

See so much agony and

Injury that they must

Laugh it off or be dragged

Into the pit of despair that

Most of us patients

Call home


Once they see that I too

Have a wicked sense of humor

They sometimes open up

A little and give me a

Behind-the-scenes glimpse


The other day

Before I was due for another

Surgery on my foot

I expressed concern about

My on-again-off-again bouts

With diarrhea

Brought on by ten days of

Anti-biotics and the doctor

Said calmly

Don’t worry it won’t be the

First time we’ve had to call

A Code Brown


So is there a Code Yellow

I ask


Only if it’s more than half a liter

The doc says without batting an eye


Such is the humor in the

Caring profession



About To Step In It Again


Last year I got into trouble

For expressing an opinion

About a place and a fellow poet

Who had been a friend of mine

In life but who in death became a patsy

For some poetry polemics

A poetry powerplay if you will

It ended with a lot of ill-will

On the part of the so-called

Open minded west L. A. poetry crowd

Who are at it again and I’m afraid

I’m about to step in it again


The latest move in their quest

To rise to preeminence is to host

A poetry contest judged by a guy

With a tough sounding name but

Who writes poetry that would

Seem to be the antithesis of toughness

Who would want to write poetry

That was described as being

“the wayward wandering of music”

Or more succinctly who would

Want to be associated with that?



Nocturnal Obsession


Unable to sleep

Because of thoughts

Of you

Half awake

Half asleep

Fantasizing about

Licking your muffin

Probing and nibbling

Hours spent

Lapping away




Just not sure

The lack of sleep

Is worth the price

For this nocturnal




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