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by Horror Sleaze Trash on October 12, 2013


 riff wilder is the chief instigator of “fauxbrow”, a mix of newbrow and no-brow with early 20th century fauve and surrealism. wilder’s signature style is lyrical and psychedelic. Recent publishing credits include Comets and Criminals, Nite Blade, Chrome City, Chronogram, Goblin Fruit, Existere Journal, Semaphor, Cordite Review.

In the 1990s, while lurking in the east coast art scene, wilder was fined over $50,000 by the City of New York for creating a poster that announced an experimental poetry reading. In response, wilder helped fuel a grass roots community in support of the first amendment in a battle over the rights of artists to create posters. wilder’s efforts were aided by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Auster, and dozens of other notable artists. This became a cause célèbre, led to pitched battles in Gotham streets, courthouses, and media outlets, and to a precedent-setting, art, music and literature affirming legal victory for free speech. Wilder’s continuing efforts to protect free speech have recently helped a number of artists, including household names, to avoid jail time.

A wide variety of mainstream media, at one time or another, have detailed wilder’s art & culture activities in full feature articles, including The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Austin Chronicle, San Francisco Weekly, LA Weekly, Newsday, Spin Magazine, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, as well as hundreds of independent media groups.

wilder’s music and poetry have been released on nearly two dozen different CDs, LPs, EPs, and cassettes. This work has been syndicated and received wide airplay on dozens of college and independent radio stations in the U.S. and worldwide. wilder has appeared on public access tv, regionally in live performance and regularly on independent radio.

Since the 1880s his work has appeared in more than a thousand publications in print and online. He’s toured the U.S. and performed his storytelling and music in dozens of venues, both large and intimate, across the continent. Today wilder’s art, music, stories, and columns are posted on dozens of websites and blogs. A regular gang of cool tools views these writings daily.

The humorous poetry of riff wilder

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#356: an important cultural announcement



arrogant buffoons

the not so bright art council of california

welcomes you to its 20th annual

pandering conformist

back patting party


blue blooded art council cronies

gain admittance for a pittance

everyone else

pays through the nose


we validate cliquishness &

stand behind cluelessness

enabling a decadent way of life

join us


#414: broadcast sound byte oblongata


spoken by a tikki tavi idiot savant:


“unique new york  unique new york

toy boat  toy boat   toy boat,”

sonny fox  wonderama  1965


diagnosed with strange condition

caused by vintage television,

front brain lobes impaired by swelling

broadcast sound byte oblongata …



#32: global warming


alpha male in minty sports car

needle  deedle  dum

glinting flambeau


pinhead in the sun



#484: thimbleheaded bimbo

thimbleheaded bimbo

sitting in the window

distraught because she senses that

her boyfriend doesnt care …


in her laps a pussycat that

purrs and purrs, apparently

charmed the beast is there

she strokes and pets

her pussies hair!


doing this undoes her keyed-up

anxious disposition

(rubbing that warm pussycat is

good for her condition)


thimbleheaded bimbo

sitting in the window

distraught because she senses that

her boyfriend doesnt care …



#338: the hatred that we feel


there is no denying

the hatred that we feel

skunks who made things difficult

even near impossible


the arrogance of philistines

who left us in the lurch

motherfugs we’ll make them pay

in the most dramatic way


#492: figure in the beehive


dingy stacey milligan

scowled into a smart phone

rarely ever cognizant of why she was alive


this a follow fashion monkey

popular in high school,

later she became a full on

figure in the beehive …


#291: the sports channel


dare goes boner o’neil!

de onus upon him, bigger than big.

can he stand up to duh pressure?

filling cazzie russells shoes,

point guards

boner o’neil!



#493: careful, stuffy


taxed by his condition

chronic fiberoptic myoplasty


stuffy mcdermott

took the fairgrounds in

a cycle helmet


evasively maneuvering

even more than usual,

stuffy clenched his weary jaw

then buried worried head …



#594: me llamo retardo


“me llamo retardo,”

the prankster adolesecent said,

throwing puerile barbs & spears

at the spanish teachers head.



#516: la mala suerte de sonny bono


la mala suerte de sonny bono

manifesting planetwide

in sundry shapes & sizes!


the trout plucked from a stream

by voracious bird of prey,

la mala suerte de sonny bono

claws & takes that fish away.


sonny the republican

always wanting more …

at that point a pointless ending

was for him in store!


good for cher

that she divorced

& got away from it,

la mala suerte de sonny bono!


it grew the tree

that racked him up

that hit him squarely

in the head,

la mala suerte de sonny bono!


it made his kid a sex change …

a volatile force

that extirpates,

la mala suerte de sonny bono!



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