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 riff wilder is the chief instigator of “fauxbrow”, a mix of newbrow and no-brow with early 20th century fauve and surrealism. wilder’s signature style is lyrical and psychedelic. Recent publishing credits include Comets and Criminals, Nite Blade, Chrome City, Chronogram, Goblin Fruit, Existere Journal, Semaphor, Cordite Review.

In the 1990s, while lurking in the east coast art scene, wilder was fined over $50,000 by the City of New York for creating a poster that announced an experimental poetry reading. In response, wilder helped fuel a grass roots community in support of the first amendment in a battle over the rights of artists to create posters. wilder’s efforts were aided by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Auster, and dozens of other notable artists. This became a cause célèbre, led to pitched battles in Gotham streets, courthouses, and media outlets, and to a precedent-setting, art, music and literature affirming legal victory for free speech. Wilder’s continuing efforts to protect free speech have recently helped a number of artists, including household names, to avoid jail time.

A wide variety of mainstream media, at one time or another, have detailed wilder’s art & culture activities in full feature articles, including The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Austin Chronicle, San Francisco Weekly, LA Weekly, Newsday, Spin Magazine, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, as well as hundreds of independent media groups.

wilder’s music and poetry have been released on nearly two dozen different CDs, LPs, EPs, and cassettes. This work has been syndicated and received wide airplay on dozens of college and independent radio stations in the U.S. and worldwide. wilder has appeared on public access tv, regionally in live performance and regularly on independent radio.

Since the 1880s his work has appeared in more than a thousand publications in print and online. He’s toured the U.S. and performed his storytelling and music in dozens of venues, both large and intimate, across the continent. Today wilder’s art, music, stories, and columns are posted on dozens of websites and blogs. A regular gang of cool tools views these writings daily.

The humorous poetry of riff wilder

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#531: borgia skanks the underside


borgia skanks the underside

unencumbered by a gnarly

figment of morality


his look & his demeanor

intricately organized to

satiate his weiner

the year is 2008.

george ‘doublescrew’ bush has caused a monster market meltdown.

global warming & climate change are raging outta control …

then, all of a sudden:



    #76: a public health bulletin


few are empathetic

the he man situation

overwhelmed & helpless

penis perspiration


a desperate contagion

FEMA experts see it ragin’

rippling down each dengis

splashing big mans shoes

proliferating faster than avianic flus

penis perspiration


doctors  lawyers  injun chiefs

scraping slime blobs off their bleeps

professionals with reputations

what they fear it runs quite deep

penis perspiration


big fish in a small pond

sneering  startup CEO

whats that in his underpants

unwanted H20


staining what is normally

a sacrosanct location

cause of widespread consternation

penis perspiration


even dave petraeus

atop abrams tank or

else high in helicopter

showing dash and rank



[#76: a public health bulletin, p. 1 of 2]

[#76: a public health bulletin, p. 2 of 2]


cant conceal the piddle

splashing in his boots a pool

grappling with the sweat gobs

pouring off his tool

penis perspiration


bushes propaganda lackeys

seated behind walls of lies

destruction of world habitats

conveniently disguised


maiming polar bears and seals

the ozone holes much larger now

the earth devoid of its sun shield


though propagating obfuscation

hush hush  bush administration

nitwits try but just cant hide


the havoc they have spread worldwide

every corner every nation

darkened & disrupted by

the bleakness of this situation

penis perspiration


#433: down at managed care building


down at managed care building

suffering patients build up steam

sitting there in agony

waiting to be seen


henry stumbles into room

contemplating doom

registering gloom

gazing at a mexican black velvet painting


suppressing a scream

his mug yellow green

he ages fifty seven years

in psychedelic dream



#117: mordant mister hilla dilla


mordant mister hilla dilla

at the edge of sanity

tries to re-invent himself

gets up from his rocking chair


feeling such bug ugliness

marching round thru dreamland

                 the arrow thru his body armor

dangles down absurdly


reeling from pervasive

unwanted shameful feelings

few alive can empathise


given all that lurks inside

this wacked out looking character

mordant mister hilla dilla



#631: an anguished but artistic soul

the kid who sat in back of class

wisecracking  poking fun at others

really not productive

not by typical standards


little did i know

already i’d been fleshing out

an anguished but

artistic soul


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