Ross Vassilev

by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 11, 2013

Ross Vassilev is a poet. He was born in Bulgaria and somehow ended up in Ohio. If you’re an attractive female you may send nude photos of yourself to
go ask Alice or whatever
by Ross Vassilev
lazy as a caterpillar blowing smoke
into the curtains
I see a sky full of third eyes
and hope is the thing that flies away
and lays a white shit on my shoulder–
while the patriots fight and die
in Afghanistan
I’m lying on a bed of dreams
growing tendrils into the walls
wondering what it’s like
to be a starving yogi, eating
only a palmful of grain every day
till you’re all skin and bones
and beautiful brilliant shining eyes
that see the true reality–
and while the bodies pile up
to feed the madman’s itch
while they throw saints and Gandhis
into the prison-industrial complex
I say to the old bearded fuck
with the stupid hat
Fuck you, Uncle Sam
you’re an old whore left out
to wither your tits
in the rich man’s broken sunlight.

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