Ross Vassilev.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on January 27, 2014



 Ross Vassilev is a born loser and a poet. He’s from Bulgaria and somehow ended up in Ohio. You can read more of his poems at

there ain’t many people I don’t hate


people ask me, why do you hate veterans so much?


for the record

I got friends who are veterans


but I do hate veterans generally


I got personal reasons

and I also know right from wrong


fact is, there ain’t many people I don’t hate


I hate bankers


and all the other capitalists


I hate the slumlord who collects the rent


I hate my neighbors and their dogs

and their rotten kids


I hate all children


I hate happy families


I hate teachers cuz they’re mostly losers


I hate doctors cuz they’re mostly



I hate cops too


except for the blonde





who arrested me that one night


she can cuff me again








when the sky and your mind

come crashing down


when you look up from the sidewalk

at the blinding sun


when you realize the stray cats

are your brothers and sisters


that’s when the Buddhas will come soaring down

in divine yellow robes


and orange trees will grow

in every yard


and the white trash will choke

on their hatred


the poor white trash

and the rich white trash


and no more keeping people out

with walls on the border


and no more drone strikes

or Uncle Sam providing weapons to terrorists


no more wars on drugs

and no more flags or anthems


and you’ll realize that all that really matters

is a bead of rainwater on a poppy leaf.

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