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by horrorsleazetrash on September 5, 2010

Ross Vassilev was born in Bulgaria and now lives in Ohio. He’s a poet and the editor of Opium Poetry 2.0 and Asphodel Madness blogzines.

hot rose on a fiery night

what am I supposed to do
with this waste of flesh?

should I dream of white skulls
under radiation skies?

should I eat red poppies
while yearning
for Beverly D’Angelo?

this waste of flesh, waste
of meaningless effort

I look up at the stars
while many miles away
American bombs
wipe out whole villages
in Afghanistan

and I think someone
must have intended more
than this

and always
the infantile hope that
someday things will get better.

end of the rope

north of here
is a place that
used to have
50,000 people
now it’s barely
half that
the factories
closed down
Walmart drove
all the small
shops under
now everyone
hustles for
minimum wage
wondering how
they’re gonna
pay the bills
everyone but
the very poor
has moved out
it’s where the
American dream
hanged itself
and didn’t even
leave a note.

second-hand view

there’s days when
it’s difficult just getting
out of bed
nearly impossible
brushing one’s teeth
or taking a shower.
days like that
the only thing to do
is sat by the window
look up at the clouds in
the sky. what
you’re born into
is a matter of luck
most of it bad
and there you are.
I let the blue sky
enter my head, let the
wind carry
my worn-out soul
you can see it among
the trees and
red bricks
rags and all.

no cure for what I’ve got

your unshakeable
American optimism
sickens me.
I never wanted to be one of you
mowing your phony lawns
like in 50s Leave It To Beaver land
getting all teary-eyed
saluting the flag
under fireworks on the 4th of July.
I hate John Wayne and
all fat cowboys.
my American dream is to live
on foodstamps while not supporting
the troops
and not watching football
or baseball
while the cat leaves
headless mice in the yard.
but it’s too late:
watching tv all day
I’m already
a fat lazy
unhappy American.

yes, I’m looking for sympathy.

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