Ryan Quinn Flanagan

by Horror Sleaze Trash on September 2, 2013

As always HST is never prouder when we get the pleasure to publish another of Mr Ryan Quinn Flanagans quality books. A personal all time favorite of mine, “The last skidmark on the pretty blue horizon” is just another feather in the crested cap that is the main mother fucker in this poetry game, RQF.  Buy it, read it – I know any one who shares the taste of this site will enjoy the poetry of the Canadian mad man.


Lube and Filter

I remember walking downtown
past this car place once
with some woman
and she saw the mechanics
in their dirty overalls
sharing a smoke
by the door on the chain,
faces faux nubian
with grease,
their green tag
steel toes
hacked away at
like some dangling
and I remember what she said,
in that voice
that haughty prep school
never worked a day in her life
don’t they have any

She said it
just like that.

With all that hate.

And it was heartbreaking.

To see those men –
to have been those
men –
as the cars
behind them
(mounted on lifts)
sat gynaecologically
and leaking.

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