Subhankar Das

by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 5, 2014

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Subhankar Das is a writer, publisher and film producer living in Kolkata, India. He has published fourteen collections of poetry in Bangla though his most recent collection The Streets, the Bubbles of Grass, is published in English by his arts collective, Graffiti Kolkata. His work has appeared extensively in print and online which includes: Danse Macabre, Graffiti Kolkata Broadside, Mad Swirl, Carcinogenic Poetry, La Stanza Di Nightingale, Caper Literary Journal, Leaf Garden, Camel Saloon, Guerilla Pamphlets, Horror Sleaze Trash, Full of Crow, Negative Suck, Kavita Campus, Prathamoto etc.

He has translated Allen Ginsberg’s Howl into Bangla and also translated Charles Bukowski and Richard Brautigan’s poetry in Bangla and is also the editor of the stark electric space…, an anthology of international experimental writing. He has a new e-book Another Ordinary Day published by Ten Pages Press, USA and his latest collection of poems is By the Banks of the Ajoy, Jaideb Vanishes into the Blue (Virgogray Press, 2012). His poems have been translated into Greek and were included in the world anthology of poetry edited by Yannis Livadas, 35 poets. He has produced six short films and owns a bookstore. Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2013

Yet another ordinary day

my new book of Bukowski poems in Bangla
is just out of press
with Buk’s picture with 2 sunglasses on
on the cover page.

i met her again
on the same stairs
as i always do
and gifted a copy to her
she smiled and kissed the book
then simply slipped it inside her underwear
to walk hands free to her apartment.

god, i thought
the old fucker
must be smiling
in heaven.

~ Subhankar Das

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