T. H. Cayne

by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 26, 2013


T. H. Cayne is an American artist and thinker, living in Europe at this moment. Although being a prolific painter and writer since the beginning of time, he started to publish his visual and written artwork only recently, having accepted poems in several languages, and accepted visual artwork in a host of art magazines.  His photography is graphic in nature, and seeks the boundaries between art and porn.



 D—K (3)

1. We passed by the dodgy street, because it was there, and we had to see, for fun.

2. You joked about gettin in’, just a touch, minor swing.

3. And you undressed, smiled, touched yourself, expressed.

4. Against the old walls, old sounds, old you.

5. Feeling. Touching.

6. Fucked.

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