The Broken Spine Mix Tape Vol 1 ~ Ben and Kate Joint Chap Book.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on March 29, 2014


“The broken spine mix tape Vol 1” is finally all pressed up and ready to share!

Text By Ben John Smith (

Art work by The Brilliant Kate Green (

Cover Design and Cover photo by Cheech Sanchez (IG: @cheechsanchez)

Edited by my friends Jay and Karen.

Bath time sized

As always, to my Australian readers and friends, the book and shipping is totally FREE. Just send me your PO details to: and ill have a copy in the mail to you ASAP. If you like what you read id love to hear from you in a return letter, but no stress either way.  Communication is my addiction.  If your from OS chuck a quick letter to me @ PO BOX 806 Tullamarine, VIC 3049 AUST and if there is still some left ill add a copy in my return mail!

There is a limited run of 25 copies in this first edition print, which includes a HST sticker and a little thank you note.  As im getting married in Bali on the 10th of April the first in gets best dressed.  Another run will be published as a second edition in May.  As always thanks for your continual support and communication.  I have made some very close friends in the poetry game and im enjoying releasing these little chaps as often as possible.

Cat Couch sized

Art work by The Brilliant Kate Green (

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