The Owl and the Pussycat ~ Poetry Readings!

by Horror Sleaze Trash on February 18, 2014

Returning this March! Beware!(When are “The Ides”? Anyone? I could Google it but I’d need some sort of computer…)

Bar Stanza is back for 2014 and we kick off with a 4-shot of awesome and a peppering of idiocy! The where-with-alls and hows-your-fathers are as follows:

When: Tuesday March 4th, 8:00pm

Where: The Owl & The Pussycat, 34 Swan st Richmond, directly across from Richmond station.

How Much: $5.00….. I know, right?

Who we got: Now there’s the amazing part. Check out these peeps…. Philemon is a multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter from Melbourne who weaves poetry into sparse guitar soundscapes. Born in the pacific islands and raised on the south coast of Victoria, her influences range from her polynesian and celtic roots to folk, soul, hip hop and poetry. Her music reflects her love of her town Melbourne; rich with art, teeming with inspiration and prone to climatic indecision.
Philemon has been writing and experimenting with poetry and sounds since the age of twelve. Over the last 16 years her adventures have taken her from swing bands, celtic rock ensembles and reggae bands. These days very much a solo act, her live shows range from tear jerking truths to shy admissions of calamity and hilarity. At the very essence of her is a voice and delivery that shows true grit and force combined with harmony and direct passion
A firm believer in art being the salve and savior for the thick confusion of human existence, Philemon sings songs from the abyss, shining light in the darkest of places and exploring the shadows of joy, love and humility.

Marc Testart: Marc Testart is a poet, story-teller, former comedian, clown and part-time vagabond. He has performed feature sets of his poetry at Passionate Tongues, The Spinning Room, The Dan, House of Bricks, The Sydney Opera House, and the National Gallery of Victoria. In 2008 he directed and co-produced Under a Neon Globe at the Fringe Festival, dropped rhymes at the Nuyorican, and competed in the Individual World Poetry Slam Championships in Charlotte, North Carolina. Coincidentally, he and his beautiful wife Emma have a daughter named Charlotte who turns five months old tomorrow… Marc is a theatrical and passionate performer of true spoken word, delivering honest and raw emotion with dark wit and a strong sense of stage. He is unforgettable.

Tariro Mavondo: Tariro Mavondo is a Melbourne based artist of Zimbabwean descent who loves connecting through the art of storytelling. Whether its performing as an actor on stage or on screen, or as a singer movement artist or performance poet. In 2014 Tariro will be the artistic associate at Metanoia Thetare, curating a spoken word fundraiser event called Speak Easy Against Violence Towards Women, acting in a Red Stitch Theatre play, Producing Africa’s Got Talent Audition Tour and Event, Member of the Flemington Theatre Group Ensemble, Working at Western Edge Youth Arts, Teaching Artist in secondary schools, writing and performing poetry in Melbourne, an Ambassador for Melbourne Theatre Company and Multi cultural Arts Victoria partnership and more.
Tariro brings a vivd and bold presence to any and all artistic avenues, blending the rhythm and texture of poetry with the heart and honesty of story-telling. Bare, straight and true, A treasure.

Ben John Smith: Ben John Smith is the EIC of He has two cats and is getting married in April. Ben is a writer of undeniable works, taken from life and left ragged with the detritus of living. As acerbic, lurid, biting, decadent and heartfelt a poet is rare, indeed. Ben talks of every facet with compassion, edge and a big. beating heart. The bad man of spoken word with the gift of strength and truth.

All MC duties to be ramshackled, cobbled and bailed together by Anthony O’Sullivan and his “charm”

How in the name of all things awesome could you NOT want to come?

34 Swan Street., Richmond, Victoria 3121

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