Vanrijnall Nudes and Ben John Smith Mash.

by Horror Sleaze Trash on April 19, 2012

New Mash –

Poetry by Ben John Smith and art works by Vanrijnall Nudes


I think my ultimate fantasy
would be to dangle
my limp dick across a woman’s face.
And like a tea bag,
drop it slowly into her opening,
red-lipped mouth.
I’d keep it in there
while she toyed with her junk.
She would have green nail polish on,
and it would dance
in her pink and purple
She would hum
and my dick would grow harder.
and my shaft would expand.
Like those dinosaur toys
that expand in a glass of water.
Bigger. Chunkier.
Filling up her jaws.
Pushing out her cheeks,
like a blowfish.
Her teeth leaving imprints
on the foreskin.
Muffled and full.
Until, finally, she would
be unable to maintain the load
and with a big
she would throw her head back,
In an arch of spit
and bright glowing eyes.
While my dick bounced up and down
like a great rubber gong.

Mon Paree

Oh sweet Paris.
Oh gay and wondrous
streets of Hilton and
check out twice,
the sweet hairs of Paris.
Like a tuft of swarming
cracked pepper mice
leaving home,
and walking down the legs,
before getting drenched
with quarterback jizz.
sweet Paris!
The sweet moans
of gay Paris!
The Champs Elysees
has never been
fucked quite as hard
as your
Oh my love,
the love of us all,
the jealous
and the
Hold your breast,
let it go,
hide your face under the
hotel duvet.
I know you’re sad,
but you don’t show it.
You say,
“This is earth,
isn’t it hot.”
Oh Paris,
my love,
this is about as hot
as I’ll ever get.


When I get home
I turn on the computer
curse my missus out
for closing the porno page
I was looking through.
I say,
“For fuck sake,
now I won’t know
where I was up to!”
As if I was reading War And Peace.
She says,
“I’m sure
you will be able to find it again.
It’s the page where she is pulling
purple beads out of her ass.”
I smile at her.
Then the computer.
It’s almost like I am
reading War And Peace.

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