What a funny world we live in…..

by HST UK on December 13, 2013


Rob Dickerson is a dangerous mind from the fine city of Norwich

What a funny world we live in…..
Where everything we do in our lives is plastered on TV for all to see,
like we have nothing better to do than to watch people fuck up their own lives
on a daily basis.
Throwing sawdust on the vomit in disgust
there’s a thought that things could be worse.

Nothings free in this world anymore and nothing is guaranteed…
So I’m told…

You need to be in the know…
Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and more…
Has everything got so disarranged that we can’t talk face to face any more?
It’s like people are scared shitless of being who they really are. So they bury themselves in a world where they can be anyone they want.
Is it me or is that someone else in my reflection?

I’m still young but strangely feel so old,
like a tree on a cliff that’s seen it all but never utters a word….
Don’t get me wrong I still thrive on my mistakes, which lets me know I’m still human at least…
I guess we are all holding on to something that’s faded away like sand though a time glass that has no bottom to it….

The more we change I guess the more we stay the same…
An existence of War, Poverty and greed line the stomach of our existence.
Spare me the bullshit and pass it to me in the morning with the paper, I can leave it ‘til then at least…

Take a breath for you never know when it might be your last….
Find the time to remember that deep down inside we are all the same.
We are all waiting for that day when we can say we’re happy in our own skin,
sitting in the hot sun and blistering our souls, just so we can look good on the outside.
Gluttony is an inordinate desire that we will never escape…

There’s no point to what I am saying I guess.
This world is already a mess
so I’m going to sit back and watch it all rush by with that deep stare in my eye.
I know that desire was always mine to give away.
It’s a funny world we live in and that’s all I’m going to say……

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