by Horror Sleaze Trash on May 3, 2013


searching for jesus

we came home
from the bar
into my rented apt
she stands in the doorway
of the bathroom
watching me piss
I try aim my stream
into the water
all of a sudden
my eyes were crossed
they were staring
upwards and inward
like I was searching for jesus
above my forehead
if he was there
he wasn’t helping
I finish up
she pushes past me
wipes the piss off the seat
snatches her knickers down
and starts pissing
after she tells me to
get the fuck out



standing there her
blonde hair soaking wet
from the rain
she says
“the neighbors left us
instructions for the cat”
I wake from my
drunken slumber
stumble into the bathroom
promptly drop my pants
and take a piss in the sink
the cat copped piss
all over it’s back
I squeeze the back of
it’s neck hard causing
it to cry out in pain
I say
“i’m sure it can fend for itself”
I let it go
lit a cigarette
and walked over to the fridge
to grab a beer
she says
“you’ve gone through all the beer,
now you’ll have to go into town
and get some”
I reply
“i’ll make sure to stop off
at a strip club on the way
and pick out a new girlfriend
for the afternoon”
she rolls her eyes
and walks off into the bathroom
“I thought I told you,
don’t let the cat out!”
she says
I put out my cigarette
in an empty beer can
and took the bus into town




since I was almost finished
making up a package
to send to my australian friend,
I figured it was about time
I write him a poem of sorts
I said
“I gotta head into town
and get some beer so I can
write this thing”
she replies
“why can you only write drunk?”
I say
“trick is not to dabble in sobriety,
ben smith knows it”
and as I screwed-up papers
to throw in the bin
I sure as shit knew it too


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